Hey bloggers and viewers, That's a really long gap, I've left you guys with no "my feeds" xD. Bliss differs from person to person, for someone it might be playing guitar/piano, sipping coffee on a cloudy day, lay on grass absorbing sunlight or just turn on music and blog well and the most favorite one... Continue Reading →


There is NO “I can’t”.

Hey bloggers and viewers, Imagine yourself at a place where you're just going to begin your journey, it all there... all the things you wanted since before. For the things, you have been longing for... But still a thought strikes in our mind-"I am I at the right place? Is it always that place I... Continue Reading →

Don’t fear horror.

Hey bloggers and viewers...! Long time... 😉 So Horror! Something that's terrific and gets your heart beat faster and faster! Okay... its not about Conjuring or 13 Ghosts. Horror has a different meaning too... and that is "PAST". We all have a dark past.. no offense some people don't have maybe. Imagine, you are happy,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Complain

Hey bloggers and viewers.., Hope you're enjoying your company with yourself and others.. is there any complains? Yes? NOOOOO there shouldn't be! See, when we are in a problem, we share it with others and what else we do? COMPLAIN ofc! We complain to them and make a problem worser. This isn't good, as it... Continue Reading →

Keep your head high.

Hey bloggers and viewers, Hope everything is going good with you guys....! Well if not, always keep you head high that doesn't mean that you look at the sky whole day and you get better..? Nah! 😛 Keeping your head high will reduce the chances of being laid down! That moment comes when you only... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up!

Hey bloggers and viewers.., How are you all? Today, I am going to talk about difficulties.. and how to tackle? So, we all go through hard times. Sometimes, it becomes very easy to tackle or very hard to swallow! We become weak after fighting it for a long time and we starve for strength from... Continue Reading →


Hey bloggers and viewers, How all have you been? ... Are you exhausted and fragmented by your routine life..? Let me tell you what you should do about it! The key to it is "DETOX". Okay.. so you might be thinking why detox? seriously ? there is no connection! Ofc, there is a connection. See... Continue Reading →

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