There is NO “I can’t”.

Hey bloggers and viewers,

Imagine yourself at a place where you’re just going to begin your journey, it all there… all the things you wanted since before. For the things, you have been longing for… But still a thought strikes in our mind-“I am I at the right place? Is it always that place I have always been dreaming to be? No I can’t do this…!”

And… you are lost.. going down deep into a debt trap. How it feels? – Terrible.

Why this happens? – Small hurdles that come in our way to check ….do we really dream to do it? You got that courage to do it anyhow?

You have been working so hard and now you say I can’t?

Who says you can’t…? Make the can’t to can… this is totally possible when you trust your instinct. Remember, one day we all come across that perfect spot, perfect job, perfect position and perfect person … who is meant only for YOU. Just YOU!!!

For that.. you gotta step ahead, Begin… with a optimistic mindset. Work… with passion. Dream …unlimited. Back down… NEVER!

Because.. You live only once.


Flourish enough vibes? Eh?


xxAnonymous Girlxx


Don’t fear horror.

Hey bloggers and viewers…!

Long time… 😉

So Horror! Something that’s terrific and gets your heart beat faster and faster!

Okay… its not about Conjuring or 13 Ghosts.

Horror has a different meaning too… and that is “PAST”.

We all have a dark past.. no offense some people don’t have maybe.

Imagine, you are happy, and enjoying your life and suddenly past comes in front of you, so how do you feel? Dreadful? Panic?

Of course!!

And you forget and hold it inside thinking that it will not return again? No this isn’t the end. You don’t have to let it suck you forever. Instead, “FACE IT”. No matter how much it hurts…. holding it consumes your pangs of faith and optimism.

When you face what you fear, you know who you are – “STRONG”.

“Let its arrival so that it departs forever”.

Once you conquer it, you won’t have to fear about anything in life, you lead a BETTER LIFE!!!

To be honest, try to face it, I know how hard it is. But life is all about crossing the bridge and finding your destination!

xxAnonymous Girlxx



Don’t Complain

Hey bloggers and viewers..,

Hope you’re enjoying your company with yourself and others.. is there any complains?

Yes? NOOOOO there shouldn’t be! See, when we are in a problem, we share it with others and what else we do? COMPLAIN ofc! We complain to them and make a problem worser.

This isn’t good, as it causes stress and unwanted frustration to the situation. Your friend is trying to help you but you complain ..” no no, if this happens? what if this takes longer than expected?” These thoughts affect you and others very badly.

Its better to avoid it. Don’t do such a mistake. You would be like ” haha easily said, why is this writer dominating?”. No dear, the fact is when you start complaining, you are inhaling negativity, you are GRAVITATING towards negative thoughts. When you think so much upon it, you gravitate towards it.

So, why not think that ” What can be the solution? Can you suggest me one? Or i guess it will get better soon”, just keep patience.

Give yourself some time to introspect. Drink a glass of water. Take a paper, write down the problem in a flowchart manner, link it to minor ones and look out for the solution.

You always solve your problem easily when you stop complaining and start to be in tranquility.

Take a chill pill! xD though there’s no pill required… just only your brain to work a bit.

Everything is going to be fine.

Assurance-100% 😛

xxAnonymous Girlxx


Keep your head high.

Hey bloggers and viewers,

Hope everything is going good with you guys….!

Well if not, always keep you head high that doesn’t mean that you look at the sky whole day and you get better..? Nah! 😛 Keeping your head high will reduce the chances of being laid down!

That moment comes when you only see negative things happening by your side… and you keep your chin low! No, watch out!! before you get crashed by a car.

Have brisk in you walk, stay strong even if things break you apart.Heavy rocks might block your way beyond the seas… but always remember you have a sickle to crack it if you remain STRONG!

There are numerous options that this world illustrates towards you.. it is upon you whether you choose the right one… if not, make a second try, make a third try and at fourth, you know where you stand.

It is said “In your worst times, not even you shadow follows you”.

You don’t need to be worried about it, it is not always going to happen that your friend/colleague would support you at any circumstances. They have their own dreams and desires, why would he be bothered about your better future?

Make your FUTURE YOURSELF! If you didn’t start yet…… START. WAKE UP. SMILE. WATCH OUT!





xxAnonymous Girlxx


Don’t Give Up!

Hey bloggers and viewers..,

How are you all? Today, I am going to talk about difficulties.. and how to tackle?

So, we all go through hard times. Sometimes, it becomes very easy to tackle or very hard to swallow!

We become weak after fighting it for a long time and we starve for strength from others.

You will always find strength in yourself and not others. So, let the positive forces in your life take over!

You have to risk rejection to get what you WANT!!

You have to risk failure to get SUCCESS!!


So.. instead of imagining negative things that fill you with terror, invent more positive things that fill you with PURPOSE!!

Don’t Give Up , Give More!

Cheers to happiness.. 😉

xxAnonymous Girlxx



Hey bloggers and viewers,

How all have you been?

… Are you exhausted and fragmented by your routine life..?

Let me tell you what you should do about it!

The key to it is “DETOX”. Okay.. so you might be thinking why detox? seriously ? there is no connection! Ofc, there is a connection.

See what is DETOX? reduction of toxic substances from your body which was making you unhealthy! Similarly, detox as in a another sense can be reducing toxic feelings and toxic people out of your life.

What are the real reasons that makes you feel miserable at you work life?

  • presence of toxic people.
  • results in spreading of negative vibes
  • giving you toxic (negative feelings).

The solution to this is really DETOX, i.e.  “GET RID OF THIS FOR A WHILE”.

The problem is we keep on working and working on things and don’t give time for ourself.

So just take a break, for few hours break the routine!!

  • go offline.( for few hours, Ik you get imp. mails.. nd messages :P)
  • make lunch or dinner for your family members
  • read a good and positive novel or  a comics 😛
  • watch your favourite series
  • go for a walk, it really makes you feel better.
  • best idea is to do what you love

Yes, you should always allot time to do what you love and then everything gets alright.

This therapy is actually called “Self-Heal”, recommended by me for all those people who haven’t actually tried it. Please make yourself better, and your surrounding automatically gets better. Stay positive, stay YOU.

Don’t forget that YOU ARE FABULOUS!!

Always a Wellwisher,



A heartbreak makes a better person.

Hello bloggers and viewers,

After a month long self-introspection…, I am here to share with you a experience.

Last month had been a very tough month for me, dealing with dramaz, dark illusions, mysteries, myself most importantly!! I was feeling low, hurt and obssessed with negativty and fear.

B’cuz I was into such a dark pit from which I could never come out. Finally, I discovered one day that letting go and moving on with no pain is the only best solution.

We must learn to let go the negativity automatically as it tries to control us.I faced my fear and followed it and finally I was out of the illusion. It wasn’t love, it was just a perfect illusion. Things change if we gravitate towards positivity.

What I did was, After discovering the lusty lies and hurting truth, I smiled to my fear and let it go.Sometimes, all that brings peace is the bitter truth!

Some became jealous for who I became and the others respected me for who I have become. Its great to feel the support when you do the right thing and never sacrifice good friends for that one undeserving person.

So, We should always think about good things and we automatically gravitate towards the good stuffs and ….”WE DESERVE BETTER”.

Let your inner child out, have fun, go with flow and let go the stupid things off your life.

Always a wellwisher..

xxAnonymous Girlxx



Dear Me, I am Bored Af.

A Big Hellllllooooooo to everyone!

Why do I get bored? – Mystery yet to be solved.

This 16 year old girl, is sitting at her room trying to make her life worth interesting. But silence surrounds me, and I try to draw things… still lose my mind. Then I try to read books.. still i lose my  mind.

What shall I do?

I start eating cookies xD.

This is what I do but still get bored.. it takes few hours for me ti actually find something fascinating and kill the boredom.

Bloggers I would love to hear suggestions from you…

Please help me out!

xxAnonymous Girlxx (bored af .-.)


Show them what you are!

Hey bloggers and viewers!

Let me ask you a question…

Has it ever happened to you that someone disrespected/ignored  you for no reason? And that person would be a close one/friend/workmate or classmate?

So what do you do? Sit and cry , repeating the situation again and again. Cursing yourself and shouting, “Oh God! what a fault of mine, made me go through such phase today?”

Why do you think its your fault! No, when someone ignores/disrespects for no reason its never Your Fault! Its their fickle mind which makes them do that.

But what do you do after that? You go next day asking the person the reason behind such a behavior? And that person might get pissed off on you! No never do that. “The reason behind the silence can make us so curious to know, but when you know it you get lost into the biggest illusion”.

So, its better to forget that person, how closer he/she maybe..or how much it will hurt you.. But after you come out of that phase you know that “You are the bestest person in this world!!”and you should be pretty proud of that fact!

Go out, have fun, make new friends, keep your enemies closer and burn them.

Its the only motto of life!

Keep Smiling.


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