Exams! Not a big deal.

Dear sweetest people in the world!

At some part of the world..one of my friend would be studying for the exams..

I wanna wish you good luck and boost you up to excel!

How to excel in exams;-

  1. REVISE   – When you actually complete an hour revision you feel like the tension is off your head! So revise for an hour then take a break for 10 minutes.
  2. DO THE HARD QUESTIONS FIRST;-Focus on the questions that are worth the marks first so that you don’t get stuck during exams!
  3. COFFEE;- it is said coffee intake isn’t good during exams! But it really is it boosts up your mind keeps you awake for a longer time.
  4. DRINK LOADS OF WATER AND EAT FRUITS- whats more fresh and energtic solution than that?! 😛
  5. DREAM OF SUMMER;- Make up ur mind that.. I will do well in exams then I’m probably gonna have the bestest summer with no tensions!

So…. I hope it helps u champ!

Good lucks for your EXAMS!



8 thoughts on “Exams! Not a big deal.

Add yours

  1. ohh very nice post 🙂 i think that encouraged me a lot for exams :))) this is a very good advice and will try to follow any of those steps 😛 Also, a very good advice would be not to stress out when giving exams because stress is the main factor that lowers your self-confidence… Good job ;] ~a close friend


  2. Hi, as a teacher I think this is excellent–it’s all very good us telling the students what to do–it’s just not cool when adults say it though. Kids will listen to you because you are one of them. You also have a really nice ‘voice’ in your writing. Keep up the great work!


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