Past cannot be erased, Live @ the present

WE all have that dark past days, which does haunt us when we think about it.

Past is something which can never be changed but which should be forgotten.

We must learn to live at the present moment..!

Number of questions come into our head.. :-

Why do I still think about that day?

Why do I still think about that person?

Why do I get distracted or frustrated because of my past?

Why am I still continuing?

Hey listen! You should remove that “STILL” out of you mind and Laugh with your heart.

We should accept with what we have, try to enjoy the present moment!

Remember…”When the past calls you , let it go as a voicemail.. because it has nothing new to say!

xxAnonymous Girlxx


15 thoughts on “Past cannot be erased, Live @ the present

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  1. Wow !!!!! Its Amazing !!!!!! What A Wonderful Message About that Living in the Present Which is Eternal , Present Moment Awareness …..Always Living in the Present , Forget the Past Memories & Dont Worry About the Future , The Current Eternal Present Will Decide your future …… All the Best for Further New Posts from You …..

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  2. Really good content. I try to always be present. It’s easy to get sucked into those thoughts about what we did earlier that day, week, or month….or even to worry too much about the uncertain future, but if we can stay present we can enjoy every moment of every day. I love this message, good job!

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  3. I’m impressed by your post. I’m impressed knowing that you are moving on with your life, and not being stumbled by your past. I imagine it’s not the easiest thing living in today’s world. I’m a young 60, so it’s been a while since I was a teen. I do know that if I had allowed my past to stumble me, I wouldn’t be living the peaceful life I do now. So great advice for you, and great advice for your readers. Me included!

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  4. dear it is awsm….. u r right..we should forget abt it… and live in pats..i love all ur posts…..keep it up :* πŸ™‚


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