Depression and Dreams.

Did it ever happened that you’ve been depressed because of something for a long time and could not find a solution to it? Depression can last for weeks, months or even years, but if last long for years than that’s a tough time!

Have you ever has 2-3 weird dreams at the night and woke up next morning exhausted and with no motivation??

You slept early last night but you still felt exhausted.. why? Because that “sleep” isn’t a part of taking rest..that sleep itself is a depression strategy and majorly called REM-“Rapid Eye Movement”. When we tug our head in pillow in conscious state of mind, we have many thoughts running in our mind, which slowly leads you to unconscious state of mind where the thoughts are flashed in our dreams!

Think about it, what your thoughts were about is been displayed in the dreams, which inturn gives you vivid dreams and increases the level of stress hormone-adrenaline. That keep your mind active at night and you feel restless the next morning. And after you wake up, you still remember all those dreams, and results in change of eating schedule and bad mood for whole day!

It is said that the depressed ones dream more than the non-depressed ones.

Has this ever happened to you??

Pls share ur views….

xxAnonymous Girlxx


13 thoughts on “Depression and Dreams.

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  1. Ya Very Fantastic Post about the Thought Pattern & Disturbance in Sleep by Dreams Which Cause Depression….

    Mind is nothing but Bundle of Thoughts …. If You More About Sad , That Will Store in Your Right Brain ( Sub Conscious Mind ) & The Stored Message will Activate through Your Left Brain ( Conscious Mind )……

    Instead Whatever Frustrating Thoughts Arise , Before Going To Sleep , Please Comfortably Sit As Per Your Wish & Inhale Slowly & Say “I ” , Exhale Slowly & Say ” AM” ( Like that Do it for 5-10 Minutes ) & Go For Sleep

    It Will Control Your Mind Slowly , By the Way Thoughts also Reduced & At One Stage You Submit All Your Thoughts To Your Right Side Of the Chest ( that is the Spiritual Heart ), Whatever Good or Bad Thoughts You Submit Your Left Brain – Conscious Mind Thoughts in to Your Spiritual Heart ( Right Side of Your Chest ) By Mentally & See the Effect , You Will Get Good Sleep or Dreams With Good Things , Next Day Definitely You Will not Depressed by Yesterday ‘s Cause ……

    I hope the Above are the Experience of Great Sages , Actually Everybody Living in the World is not real, All are Illusions & We Are not the Body , We are not the Mind & Even We Are Not the Thoughts …..
    100% Problem Occurs in Life to most of the People Because They Are Thinking As Ther Are Body , Mind , Thoughts …..

    Beyond the Thoughts , There is a No Thought State that is Deep Silence , That Silence is Eternal , Absolute Reality ( Nirvana – Liberation , Freedom ), Joy , Happiness & All

    Please Always Whenever Get Time , Dont Think anything , If Any Thoughts Arise Be As Witness , Be Still & Be Calm

    After Some time , That Silence State ( Self ) it will take care Everything That You Needs …..

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  2. If Any Thoughts arise Good Or Bad , Dont Take Too Much Care …. In this World , Ego is the Major Evil Force That Will Create Worst Thoughts or Bad Thoughts ….,. Dont allow a Single Space to your Ego , For Example If One Thought Arise , Please That Thought , Who Are You , Where Are You Coming From

    After Some time that thought disappear , Again Next Thought Arise You Ask , Where Are You Coming From ?

    This is Called Self Inquiry

    Before Going Sleep , Please Be Calm n Quiet by Dont Think Anything, If At that time Any Thought Arise You Ask Mentally , Who Are You ? , Where You Are Coming From .,,,

    Like by The Way Practise , All Thoughts Dis Appear , You Will ( Self ) Alone There

    And Then Go For Sleep to avoid next day depressions by Dreams


  3. i have those dreams in the middle of night and that it makes me scared i woke up shaking or scared and can not sleep after that its hard then i feel like no one understands even if i tell the doctor about it he acts like its nothing about everything i wish they could now its not nothing its terrible

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  4. I think a lot. Sometimes, while sleeping as well. They do say that dreams are the interpretation of what you think or feel.
    I haven’t been in depression before, but I have have had my anxiety to its peaks. I have had restless and sleepless nights, adrenaline pushing to the core.
    And I can’t really say who would have more dreams?

    I guess the more relaxed, the better the dreams. I am not sue though.


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