Never lose your Identity.

Hey bloggers and viewers,

Have you ever felt alone sometimes unknowingly?

Have you ever felt neglected or alienated?

Does it ever happen that no one notices you suddenly and All of a sudden you become DEAD to everybody around you…?

What’s the reason behind it?! :O

Lemme tell you.. It happens because-

  1. When you think about something which used to be happy moments but it feels sad now.. so you instantly feel alone.
  2. When you get surrounded by negative people, you lose hope as them and start crying and feeling pity on yourself.
  3. Or it may even happen when you compare yourself with other people, For example:-  You see a group of 4 people having fun, once u have had fun with same people but now they don’t give a damn about you now, and U feel like ” OH! see how lucky he/she is that they get along together so nicely! and I’m always left back. (SEE you are never left back open the door THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU!!!!)
  4. That word you say “I’m Boring , Lame” ,  NEVER get negative on urself! You should be happy that there are people who are willing to talk to you every moment, and To be honest.. No one is lame in this world, everybody has a different way of expressing joy ! So remember YOU’RE EXCITING. 😀                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When people stop being good to you, remember they were never good to you and such people are called FLIGHTY PEOPLE!

You should pay attention to people who actually respects you, cares for you and listens to you what you wanna say! Flighty people are temporary. REAL people are the ones who be at your bad times and even at your good times.

So put on your shoes, wake up , jump and ROCK ON!

Because….Every single minute needs to make a HAPPY MOMENT!

So lets do it BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! You CAN do it!

xxAnonymous Girlxx


21 thoughts on “Never lose your Identity.

Add yours

  1. Great post. 🙂
    I feel you. I answered every question as I kept reading. When that happens, you know you’re successful as a writer.
    Keep writing. Good luck. 😀

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  2. few points you wrote like point 3 it actually happened to me and even if i didnt wanted to concentrate on it i did and it made me feel bad like was something wrong with me etc but then i was okay as time heals everything but nice post telling there is a whole world

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  3. This post was the best by far!
    It was very nice reading it and it happened to me a lot of times….

    I loved this post and keep writing! You’re very successful and too talented on expessing yourself!

    From your bestie :*

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  4. Really a Worthy Article

    Every Single moment is Really A Happy Moment

    Only by you have to Change Your Mind Tuning Strongly with 100 % Faith & Trust in your Self

    Actually The Mind is the Temporary Thing Which is not stable all the time , it Oscillates , It remaining be still by Only Removing Your Past Thoughts & Future Thoughts & Stay Simply in Your Heart by Dont think Any thing for a Few Moment … It leads to Wholeday You feel energized , motivated n feel every moment happy


  5. By far Finnick is my favourite. You see hos changes of pelrtnasioy through the last book from a strong flirtatious man to a young worried boy. And his strong love for Annie compared to his lovers in the calitol os beautiful.

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  6. Many times we surround ourselves with negative people becuase we think we have to. Family members are a serious trap. :/ How do you deal with toxic/negative family members?


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