Stay Positive :)

Hey bloggers and viewers!

I hope you’re smiling today 🙂

Many of us surround ourselves with negative thoughts and feel low because of it, why so?

Then how can we really erase “NEGATIVITY” out of our mind…?   First STOP using negative words like  “Can’t” “Never”.

Even negative looks positive when you say “not positive”.. then it never feels negative!

As one of my dearest friends told me “Everyday when you wake up in the morning, say it to yourself that “I’m the only one, my existence is a miracle” , I am gonna have a positive day ahead! This really works.. as it is the first step of indulging positivity inside you.

After that if you ever get hectic in school or work place, just try avoiding the words “can’t, never, worst , terrible”. Instead of that say it to yourself Oh Come on Its going to be cool!

We have to be strong to face any hurdle that comes in our way.. Remember you are the strongest, and its your responsibility to keep yourself up to mark!

Many times it happens that even if we try remaining positive, we are laid back back to old “not positive” environment. Don’t get distracted, better keep on talking to people and you feel better ( best therapy as one of my friend said 🙂 )

At the end of the day, ask to yourself, who all did make your day worth it today? And then you get to that point of life when you find people are supporting you and sensing your positivity!

Everything takes time, and time heals everything soon or later! So remember, “Its not permanent and time heals everything!” 🙂

Be thankful to each beautiful moment in the day you had! Because Everyday is a new beginning, so move ahead, face the world!

And one more thing….. Keep Smiling Lovely People!

xxAnonymous Girlxx


5 thoughts on “Stay Positive :)

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  1. Stay Positive is Something Different , I Like this …. Its all about mind settings , If You think , I Can definitely it is Possible For it , If You think I Cant , it is Impossible for you ….

    Very nice Article

    Stay Positive
    Stay in your heart
    Smile always
    Dont allow space for any negative thoughts in your mind , negative thought is a Big Virus , It Destroy our Whole Belief , Our Goals n Life …

    Last but not least , How to Be ” Stay Positive “, By In the Early Morning Hours , Simply Wake from your bed , Please Make Your Mind Calm with Zero Thoughts , If Any Thought Arises , Pl make a Divertion n think about your Heart Only for Sometimes , Once You Will your mind is Calm , Plz think 2-3 important tasks for today to do by Your Closed Eyes With Visualization ( By You think that things you already done like that through Visualization , For Example if you want to book your new model car , You think You are paying money in the Cash Counter & Getting the Invoice Bill n Car Key likethat ,

    Definitely You Will Succeed in Your Life ….

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