Show them what you are!

Hey bloggers and viewers!

Let me ask you a question…

Has it ever happened to you that someone disrespected/ignored  you for no reason? And that person would be a close one/friend/workmate or classmate?

So what do you do? Sit and cry , repeating the situation again and again. Cursing yourself and shouting, “Oh God! what a fault of mine, made me go through such phase today?”

Why do you think its your fault! No, when someone ignores/disrespects for no reason its never Your Fault! Its their fickle mind which makes them do that.

But what do you do after that? You go next day asking the person the reason behind such a behavior? And that person might get pissed off on you! No never do that. “The reason behind the silence can make us so curious to know, but when you know it you get lost into the biggest illusion”.

So, its better to forget that person, how closer he/she maybe..or how much it will hurt you.. But after you come out of that phase you know that “You are the bestest person in this world!!”and you should be pretty proud of that fact!

Go out, have fun, make new friends, keep your enemies closer and burn them.

Its the only motto of life!

Keep Smiling.



14 thoughts on “Show them what you are!

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  1. Really interesting post❤ For me, it was the best thing you could write as long as something happened recently with my close friend, and she hurt me a lot… Sometimes I feel it’s my fault… But she’s been ignoring me lately, and I’m just so tired of this… I’m tired of caring about people who don’t give a damn about me…

    Thanks for that post, it really helped the situation❤

    Your friend💞

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    1. Hehe Anytime Dear. Don’t lose hope, good friends often stay at a distance of miles, the closer ones turn to enemies due to jealousy. BUT TBH., Good People still exist in every part of this world❤😊 Keep smiling.


  2. Of course❤ There’s evidence that there are still people who are very caring and loving❤ and really good friends ^^ maybe they are too far away, but simultaneously too close to my heart (and you know of course who I am talking about) :* ❤❤❤ xx

    Btw, keep writing that awesome! 🙂

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