Dear Me, I am Bored Af.

A Big Hellllllooooooo to everyone!

Why do I get bored? – Mystery yet to be solved.

This 16 year old girl, is sitting at her room trying to make her life worth interesting. But silence surrounds me, and I try to draw things… still lose my mind. Then I try to read books.. still i lose my  mind.

What shall I do?

I start eating cookies xD.

This is what I do but still get bored.. it takes few hours for me ti actually find something fascinating and kill the boredom.

Bloggers I would love to hear suggestions from you…

Please help me out!

xxAnonymous Girlxx (bored af .-.)



12 thoughts on “Dear Me, I am Bored Af.

Add yours

  1. Hello girl 🙂
    Well, this post really expresses myself too xD
    Whenever I feel bored, I usually watch documentaries, or videos on youtube and generally I spend my time on social media…
    Something you can do except of the Internet is taking some exercise, watching a movie, going out with friends etc. Also, you can look for beautiful pictures on the web, and try to draw it on a paper. That’s what I’m doing when I feel like drawing and have no idea what to draw 🙂

    I hope I helped the situation 🙂 Your friend❤❤

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