A heartbreak makes a better person.

Hello bloggers and viewers,

After a month long self-introspection…, I am here to share with you a experience.

Last month had been a very tough month for me, dealing with dramaz, dark illusions, mysteries, myself most importantly!! I was feeling low, hurt and obssessed with negativty and fear.

B’cuz I was into such a dark pit from which I could never come out. Finally, I discovered one day that letting go and moving on with no pain is the only best solution.

We must learn to let go the negativity automatically as it tries to control us.I faced my fear and followed it and finally I was out of the illusion. It wasn’t love, it was just a perfect illusion. Things change if we gravitate towards positivity.

What I did was, After discovering the lusty lies and hurting truth, I smiled to my fear and let it go.Sometimes, all that brings peace is the bitter truth!

Some became jealous for who I became and the others respected me for who I have become. Its great to feel the support when you do the right thing and never sacrifice good friends for that one undeserving person.

So, We should always think about good things and we automatically gravitate towards the good stuffs and ….”WE DESERVE BETTER”.

Let your inner child out, have fun, go with flow and let go the stupid things off your life.

Always a wellwisher..

xxAnonymous Girlxx




11 thoughts on “A heartbreak makes a better person.

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  1. Such a lovely post! I’m so glad that you have gained your strength and let go the pain you’ve been feeling so long… Truth is that I’m into negativity most of the time, but I’m trying to regain positive thoughts through music, reading or sometimes dreaming ๐Ÿ˜‰ Positivity also has to do with believing in ourselves…

    So keep calm, be you and move on โค

    From your lovely friend

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