Hey bloggers and viewers,

How all have you been?

… Are you exhausted and fragmented by your routine life..?

Let me tell you what you should do about it!

The key to it is “DETOX”. Okay.. so you might be thinking why detox? seriously ? there is no connection! Ofc, there is a connection.

See what is DETOX? reduction of toxic substances from your body which was making you unhealthy! Similarly, detox as in a another sense can be reducing toxic feelings and toxic people out of your life.

What are the real reasons that makes you feel miserable at you work life?

  • presence of toxic people.
  • results in spreading of negative vibes
  • giving you toxic (negative feelings).

The solution to this is really DETOX, i.e.  “GET RID OF THIS FOR A WHILE”.

The problem is we keep on working and working on things and don’t give time for ourself.

So just take a break, for few hours break the routine!!

  • go offline.( for few hours, Ik you get imp. mails.. nd messages :P)
  • make lunch or dinner for your family members
  • read a good and positive novel or  a comics 😛
  • watch your favourite series
  • go for a walk, it really makes you feel better.
  • best idea is to do what you love

Yes, you should always allot time to do what you love and then everything gets alright.

This therapy is actually called “Self-Heal”, recommended by me for all those people who haven’t actually tried it. Please make yourself better, and your surrounding automatically gets better. Stay positive, stay YOU.

Don’t forget that YOU ARE FABULOUS!!

Always a Wellwisher,




7 thoughts on “Self-Heal!

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  1. Perfect post! There’s been such a long time since you last uploaded a post. Reading this really cheered me up! I love the way of your writing! Keep on 🙂

    From ur friend ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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