Don’t Complain

Hey bloggers and viewers..,

Hope you’re enjoying your company with yourself and others.. is there any complains?

Yes? NOOOOO there shouldn’t be! See, when we are in a problem, we share it with others and what else we do? COMPLAIN ofc! We complain to them and make a problem worser.

This isn’t good, as it causes stress and unwanted frustration to the situation. Your friend is trying to help you but you complain ..” no no, if this happens? what if this takes longer than expected?” These thoughts affect you and others very badly.

Its better to avoid it. Don’t do such a mistake. You would be like ” haha easily said, why is this writer dominating?”. No dear, the fact is when you start complaining, you are inhaling negativity, you are GRAVITATING towards negative thoughts. When you think so much upon it, you gravitate towards it.

So, why not think that ” What can be the solution? Can you suggest me one? Or i guess it will get better soon”, just keep patience.

Give yourself some time to introspect. Drink a glass of water. Take a paper, write down the problem in a flowchart manner, link it to minor ones and look out for the solution.

You always solve your problem easily when you stop complaining and start to be in tranquility.

Take a chill pill! xD though there’s no pill required… just only your brain to work a bit.

Everything is going to be fine.

Assurance-100% 😛

xxAnonymous Girlxx



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