Don’t fear horror.

Hey bloggers and viewers…!

Long time… 😉

So Horror! Something that’s terrific and gets your heart beat faster and faster!

Okay… its not about Conjuring or 13 Ghosts.

Horror has a different meaning too… and that is “PAST”.

We all have a dark past.. no offense some people don’t have maybe.

Imagine, you are happy, and enjoying your life and suddenly past comes in front of you, so how do you feel? Dreadful? Panic?

Of course!!

And you forget and hold it inside thinking that it will not return again? No this isn’t the end. You don’t have to let it suck you forever. Instead, “FACE IT”. No matter how much it hurts…. holding it consumes your pangs of faith and optimism.

When you face what you fear, you know who you are – “STRONG”.

“Let its arrival so that it departs forever”.

Once you conquer it, you won’t have to fear about anything in life, you lead a BETTER LIFE!!!

To be honest, try to face it, I know how hard it is. But life is all about crossing the bridge and finding your destination!

xxAnonymous Girlxx




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