There is NO “I can’t”.

Hey bloggers and viewers,

Imagine yourself at a place where you’re just going to begin your journey, it all there… all the things you wanted since before. For the things, you have been longing for… But still a thought strikes in our mind-“I am I at the right place? Is it always that place I have always been dreaming to be? No I can’t do this…!”

And… you are lost.. going down deep into a debt trap. How it feels? – Terrible.

Why this happens? – Small hurdles that come in our way to check ….do we really dream to do it? You got that courage to do it anyhow?

You have been working so hard and now you say I can’t?

Who says you can’t…? Make the can’t to can… this is totally possible when you trust your instinct. Remember, one day we all come across that perfect spot, perfect job, perfect position and perfect person … who is meant only for YOU. Just YOU!!!

For that.. you gotta step ahead, Begin… with a optimistic mindset. Work… with passion. Dream …unlimited. Back down… NEVER!

Because.. You live only once.


Flourish enough vibes? Eh?


xxAnonymous Girlxx


6 thoughts on “There is NO “I can’t”.

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  1. I saw your post in the community pool! I love the positivity in this post πŸ™‚ the only feedback I would give you: it’s a little wordy and there are a couple grammatical errors in the 1st paragraph that make it a little hard to understand what situation you are exactly talking about. I know the main idea is that you have worked really hard and found an amazing place in life but you aren’t sure if that’s where you are meant to be. I would just reword that 1st paragraph a little but otherwise it’s perfect!

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