The real key to happiness

Hey bloggers and viewers..

I hope you’re smiling today! And after a LOOOOONGG time I am back here to share a incident with you all which will definitely give you positive vibes.

Well, there used to be a time that I used to expect a lot from my close ones. And often my expectation thing would hurt me.

It often happens right? Like.. “She/He should have called me first!?” , “Why does it not matter to her/him?” , “I expected so much from him/her but they hurt me”.

So remember! Expectation always hurts and makes us feel down.

But to overcome it, I’d to change myself! To keep a clear view of life in front me. I decided to stop expecting from people! When you don’t expect , your becomes  a surprise 🙂 And I did the same. “Stop expecting-” is never hard, just try to control your mind and Imagine a big “STOP!” code in front of you 🙂 You immediately have a control on yourself!

I want all of you to think about this further and sort for yourself! Because our happiness matters a lot first! So Expect Less, Dream More and Laugh Harder.

xxAnonymous Girlxx


Moving Ahead.

Hey bloggers and viewers,

Its been a long time since I haven’t been up to date with my blog! I was busy making myself strong enough to”MOVE ON”.

See.. You have to move ahead and forget about the mistakes you’ve done and learn from it.

Because when you keep on thinking about your mistakes.. you will never be able to see a new change, new world and “NEW HAPPY YOU”!

So why not start it now? You should! Everything takes time.

Remember, that the people around you have already forgotten about your mistakes! Its just your “troubling” thoughts that make you feel negative.. so lets ourself forget about it and make a change?

When you leave the WRONG PEOPLE and WRONG THINGS behind.., the WRONG FEELINGS automatically vanish off!

And then… comes the best part! “HAPPINESS STREAKING WITH HARDWORK”.

Believe in yourself that you can definetly accomplish it! Its your life so MAKE IT LARGE.

Best wishes to all of you who have been facing it! 🙂

xxAnonymous Girlxx


Stay Positive :)

Hey bloggers and viewers!

I hope you’re smiling today 🙂

Many of us surround ourselves with negative thoughts and feel low because of it, why so?

Then how can we really erase “NEGATIVITY” out of our mind…?   First STOP using negative words like  “Can’t” “Never”.

Even negative looks positive when you say “not positive”.. then it never feels negative!

As one of my dearest friends told me “Everyday when you wake up in the morning, say it to yourself that “I’m the only one, my existence is a miracle” , I am gonna have a positive day ahead! This really works.. as it is the first step of indulging positivity inside you.

After that if you ever get hectic in school or work place, just try avoiding the words “can’t, never, worst , terrible”. Instead of that say it to yourself Oh Come on Its going to be cool!

We have to be strong to face any hurdle that comes in our way.. Remember you are the strongest, and its your responsibility to keep yourself up to mark!

Many times it happens that even if we try remaining positive, we are laid back back to old “not positive” environment. Don’t get distracted, better keep on talking to people and you feel better ( best therapy as one of my friend said 🙂 )

At the end of the day, ask to yourself, who all did make your day worth it today? And then you get to that point of life when you find people are supporting you and sensing your positivity!

Everything takes time, and time heals everything soon or later! So remember, “Its not permanent and time heals everything!” 🙂

Be thankful to each beautiful moment in the day you had! Because Everyday is a new beginning, so move ahead, face the world!

And one more thing….. Keep Smiling Lovely People!

xxAnonymous Girlxx

Never lose your Identity.

Hey bloggers and viewers,

Have you ever felt alone sometimes unknowingly?

Have you ever felt neglected or alienated?

Does it ever happen that no one notices you suddenly and All of a sudden you become DEAD to everybody around you…?

What’s the reason behind it?! :O

Lemme tell you.. It happens because-

  1. When you think about something which used to be happy moments but it feels sad now.. so you instantly feel alone.
  2. When you get surrounded by negative people, you lose hope as them and start crying and feeling pity on yourself.
  3. Or it may even happen when you compare yourself with other people, For example:-  You see a group of 4 people having fun, once u have had fun with same people but now they don’t give a damn about you now, and U feel like ” OH! see how lucky he/she is that they get along together so nicely! and I’m always left back. (SEE you are never left back open the door THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR YOU!!!!)
  4. That word you say “I’m Boring , Lame” ,  NEVER get negative on urself! You should be happy that there are people who are willing to talk to you every moment, and To be honest.. No one is lame in this world, everybody has a different way of expressing joy ! So remember YOU’RE EXCITING. 😀                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When people stop being good to you, remember they were never good to you and such people are called FLIGHTY PEOPLE!

You should pay attention to people who actually respects you, cares for you and listens to you what you wanna say! Flighty people are temporary. REAL people are the ones who be at your bad times and even at your good times.

So put on your shoes, wake up , jump and ROCK ON!

Because….Every single minute needs to make a HAPPY MOMENT!

So lets do it BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! You CAN do it!

xxAnonymous Girlxx

Stay HAPPY! :)

Hey bloggers and viewers,

I hope you’re smiling today…

OK if you’re not! Then how can you be happy?? Wait I’ll tell you..

  1. First of all forget past because it only shows that you’re weak and you never move ahead!

2.  Try to surround yourself with positive people, we often get negative vibes even if we surround ourself with people who are always are laid-back!

3. Try to make your day worth it by keeping yourself busy.. by doing something you’d loved to do! Like singing, cooking, drawing, dancing etc!

4. Talk to your friends and family! Spend some time with them! Come on! its your turn to make them feel special and show them that you aren’t stuck with your past!

5. Always think positive, because life is never worse until you become deaf, blind or dumb!

Smile. There is no TAX buddy! :p

xxAnonymous Girlxx

Depression and Dreams.

Did it ever happened that you’ve been depressed because of something for a long time and could not find a solution to it? Depression can last for weeks, months or even years, but if last long for years than that’s a tough time!

Have you ever has 2-3 weird dreams at the night and woke up next morning exhausted and with no motivation??

You slept early last night but you still felt exhausted.. why? Because that “sleep” isn’t a part of taking rest..that sleep itself is a depression strategy and majorly called REM-“Rapid Eye Movement”. When we tug our head in pillow in conscious state of mind, we have many thoughts running in our mind, which slowly leads you to unconscious state of mind where the thoughts are flashed in our dreams!

Think about it, what your thoughts were about is been displayed in the dreams, which inturn gives you vivid dreams and increases the level of stress hormone-adrenaline. That keep your mind active at night and you feel restless the next morning. And after you wake up, you still remember all those dreams, and results in change of eating schedule and bad mood for whole day!

It is said that the depressed ones dream more than the non-depressed ones.

Has this ever happened to you??

Pls share ur views….

xxAnonymous Girlxx

Love Yourself!

Hey bloggers and viewers!

I wanna ask you a question..When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Do you realise your own importance? Okay.. I know some people may say YES but the one who said NO , think about it!

You know what is the real happiness?… It is when you do something for yourself!

Something you’re so passionate about and which you’d loved to do!

take some examples..(situations)

  1. “You know what I’d dressed up for the date in his favourite colour, though green wasn’t my favourite colour and I just impressed him but some part of me wasn’t happy about it!” – So why do you even put efforts on something which you didnt like Go with your favourite colour teens!

2. “My latest upload is with the same makeover as she did, I hope I get so many likes and comments”.. and later… you don’t get what you expected and you end up getting dissappointed.

Do you think this might satisfy you?? Never!

Do something for yourself, the one you’ve always desired from your heart and always have been willing to do!

Its never to late to start over..

Love yourself and be proud of everything you do, even your mistakes because even mistakes means TRYING!

Share your views on it!

xxAnonymous Girlxx (happy to help ya!)

I’m a Problem Solver

Hey viewers!

I actually discovered that I am a Problem Solver.

I’ve seen many people who had problems and their life was complicated, they used to share it with me “Hey, this thing really makes me sad, what I shall I do?”, “I can’t beleive it, I have experienced failure again?”, “How can I cope up with this, help me!” … and I had said them just believe on yourself, be happy because you are worth it!

But even the Problem solver goes through hard times right?! and when it comes to me, nobody actually understands my problem or if they do they just say that they faced it but I never got a permanent solution to my problems..(Unknown sadness,Mixed feeling and Mood swings -bein totally honest!)

Sometimes, the people who live at a distance of miles make me feel good like they are really close to me(ofc, Close to my HEART) , that includes all of my beautiful followers, viewers too! So thank you!

And I’m also very proud to be a Problem solver.. but I never found a problem solver for myself! 😦 But I know the best is yet to come.

What can be a permanent solution??

Share your thoughts on this topic PLS!

XxAnonymous GirlxX (sad mode)

Past cannot be erased, Live @ the present

WE all have that dark past days, which does haunt us when we think about it.

Past is something which can never be changed but which should be forgotten.

We must learn to live at the present moment..!

Number of questions come into our head.. :-

Why do I still think about that day?

Why do I still think about that person?

Why do I get distracted or frustrated because of my past?

Why am I still continuing?

Hey listen! You should remove that “STILL” out of you mind and Laugh with your heart.

We should accept with what we have, try to enjoy the present moment!

Remember…”When the past calls you , let it go as a voicemail.. because it has nothing new to say!

xxAnonymous Girlxx

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