Show them what you are!

Hey bloggers and viewers! Let me ask you a question... Has it ever happened to you that someone disrespected/ignored  you for no reason? And that person would be a close one/friend/workmate or classmate? So what do you do? Sit and cry , repeating the situation again and again. Cursing yourself and shouting, "Oh God! what... Continue Reading →


The real key to happiness

Hey bloggers and viewers.. I hope you're smiling today! And after a LOOOOONGG time I am back here to share a incident with you all which will definitely give you positive vibes. Well, there used to be a time that I used to expect a lot from my close ones. And often my expectation thing... Continue Reading →

Moving Ahead.

Hey bloggers and viewers, Its been a long time since I haven't been up to date with my blog! I was busy making myself strong enough to"MOVE ON". See.. You have to move ahead and forget about the mistakes you've done and learn from it. Because when you keep on thinking about your mistakes.. you... Continue Reading →

Stay Positive :)

Hey bloggers and viewers! I hope you're smiling today 🙂 Many of us surround ourselves with negative thoughts and feel low because of it, why so? Then how can we really erase "NEGATIVITY" out of our mind...?   First STOP using negative words like  "Can't" "Never". Even negative looks positive when you say "not positive"..... Continue Reading →

Never lose your Identity.

Hey bloggers and viewers, Have you ever felt alone sometimes unknowingly? Have you ever felt neglected or alienated? Does it ever happen that no one notices you suddenly and All of a sudden you become DEAD to everybody around you...? What's the reason behind it?! :O Lemme tell you.. It happens because- When you think... Continue Reading →

Stay HAPPY! :)

Hey bloggers and viewers, I hope you're smiling today... OK if you're not! Then how can you be happy?? Wait I'll tell you.. First of all forget past because it only shows that you're weak and you never move ahead! 2.  Try to surround yourself with positive people, we often get negative vibes even if... Continue Reading →

Depression and Dreams.

Did it ever happened that you've been depressed because of something for a long time and could not find a solution to it? Depression can last for weeks, months or even years, but if last long for years than that's a tough time! Have you ever has 2-3 weird dreams at the night and woke... Continue Reading →

Love Yourself!

Hey bloggers and viewers! I wanna ask you a question..When was the last time you did something for yourself? Do you realise your own importance? Okay.. I know some people may say YES but the one who said NO , think about it! You know what is the real happiness?... It is when you do... Continue Reading →

I’m a Problem Solver

Hey viewers! I actually discovered that I am a Problem Solver. I've seen many people who had problems and their life was complicated, they used to share it with me "Hey, this thing really makes me sad, what I shall I do?", "I can't beleive it, I have experienced failure again?", "How can I cope... Continue Reading →

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